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Working in the market since 2004 to provide a full range of services in the area of ??export-import operations and consulting foreign trade, the company, "Fiala," examined all the "pitfalls" that occur when working with China and we can easily avoid them and protect your business risks. Our clients value their time and money and trust their professional risks, ie us! That allows them to engage in business development and be a leader in its segment. Price policy of our company is flexible and fair. If you are planning to cooperate with "vial" in the long term we will definitely go to you to meet and establish a loyal price just for you. The main thing when dealing with China - it's CONTROL! Control at all levels of the business chain - from negotiating the contract, the payment - up to quality control and shipping! Only through an established work of our employees in the Shanghai office, permanent control of the Chinese manufacturers are working with us as the largest retailers in Ukraine and Russia and they know us as reliable partners in doing business with China, and small businesses and individuals. With offices and representatives in 6ti world, we can ensure the delivery of goods anywhere in the world, and always will support and advise clients in any matters in the countries where we have offices. Unlike brokers, we are totally responsible for your cargo at all stages of delivery "from door to door." Reliable partners - this is the pledge of our success! We work directly with airlines and with leading international carriers (MAERSK, CHINA SHIPING, CMA). We are not using the services of courier services because their prices are much more expensive and there are restrictions on the value of imported goods. Through the delivery of the goods, we also provide customs clearance. What largely remains as tangible assets, as well as many nerve cells of our customers. Customer care - that is the meaning and the foundation of our business. We are interested in the growth of the business customer, so always build their work on high-quality meeting their needs.

Fialan - a company that offers import and export and consulting services in Ukraine, Russia, China, Syria, Poland, Belarus, in the directions:

  • search and inspection of suppliers and partners;
  • control of production and shipments;
  • control payments, compliance with the terms of the contract, contracts of sale, promote the interests of the territory of another country;
  • delivery and customs clearance of goods;
  • organization participation and visits to exhibitions;
  • organization of business tours to China;
  • delivery of goods from online shops in China, the United States;

This makes it possible to provide a full range of procurement and delivery of goods to our customers.

Principles of company Fialan

  • Orienting Leaders who are able to delegate the risks and get the desired results, thus providing a competitive advantage in such a rapidly developing market.
  • is a function for the client. Propose and realize exactly what potential customers, which in turn leads to an increase in his business and success.
  • Work on the result. Loving the process, we sharpened only on the final chord of the process, namely the result.
  • an individual approach. Each client is unique and therefore requires new approaches in the implementation of assigned tasks. The methods that we use at work, not only take into account the uniqueness of clients, but also make way for the result is shorter.
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