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"Fialan" Company

Company "Fialan".

Performs the activity in sphere of services in provision of export-import transactions and consulting of foreign trade activities since 2004.
Sphere of activity

The organisation of process of search, purchase, the control and delivery of the goods from the countries of South East Asia, Europe and the USA for different spheres of business, opening new possibilities for development and promoting increase of efficiency of the company of the Client.
Company mission

Fialan - global trade instrument
Sense of our work:

   1. Fast and inexpensive delivery of the goods from China in the countries of the former CIS;
   2. Delivery and customs registration of cargo from 1 kg to 50 containers;
   3. The control at all levels chain business – from negotiations with the Chinese suppliers, contract formations, realisation of payments – before quality assurance and goods shipment;
   4. Efficiency in search of the goods - base of contacts more than 3 million checked up enterprises of China;
   5. Optimisation of expenses of the client - search of the most favourable and reliable way of delivery of cargo – the sea, air, Ry, the car.

Offices and representations

Company "Fialan" has branches in 4 countries:

    * Russia – Moscow;
    * to Ukraine – Kiev, Odessa;
    * China – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou;
    * Syria – Damascus

And representations in 3 countries:

    * Poland – Warsaw;
    * Belarus – Minsk, Novopolotsk;
    * Moldova - Chisinau

Availability of the expanded network of representations allows to deliver operatively the goods in an every spot on the globe.

Company "Fialan" structure:

    * Uniform information centre;
    * Legal department;
    * control Department;
    * Department of declaring of cargoes;
    * freight forwarding Department;
    * Department of sales;
    * marketing Department;
    * business tourism Department;
    * IT Department.

The general director of the company - Filimonov Alexander Anatolevich.

The chief executive of the company - Gajduk Alla Vladimirovna.
7 «For!» Company "Fialan"

   1. We provide «Minimization of risks»!
   2. At us the loyal prices.
   3. We give guarantees.
   4. Special attention we give to the control.
   5. Specialists provide a high degree of service.
   6. We work only with the checked up and reliable partners.
   7. Mobility and efficiency at work with foreign partners of Clients.

Minimisation of risks!

Working in the market since 2004, company "Fialan" has studied all "reefs" which meet at work China and today we can avoid and save with ease them your business from risks.

Clients of "Fialan" appreciate the time and money and trust the risks to professionals! It allows them to be engaged in development of business and to be leaders in the segment.
The loyal prices

The price policy of our company flexible and fair. If you plan cooperation with company "Fialan" on a long-term basis we will necessarily go to you on a meeting and we will establish the loyal prices SPECIALLY FOR YOU.

Unlike intermediaries, we completely bear responsibility for your cargo at all stages of process of purchase and cargo delivery «from a door to a door». The main our task is a choice quality, instead of speed of servicing. We are aimed at long-term cooperation, therefore we give particular attention to a guarantee of safety of your cargo and means.
The control at all levels chain business

From negotiations, contract formation, realisation of payments – before quality assurance and goods shipment! Only thanks to the adjusted work of our employees at the Shanghai office, to the constant control of the Chinese manufacturers with us small businessmen and private individuals work as the largest ритейлеры Ukraine and Russia, and.
High degree of service

The company collective provides a high degree of service. Over the project of the Client a number of specialists of Departments of sales, the control, declaring of cargoes, a freight forwarding, business tourism, marketing works.

The company gives particular attention to professional development of the personnel. For realisation of this purpose the company HR-department holds constant seminars and trainings, with attraction of leading experts and trainers.
Reliable partners

We work directly with airlines and with leading world carriers (MAERSK, CHINA SHIPING, CMA). We without using express services as their tariffs much more expensively also exist restrictions at cost of the imported goods. Performing cargo delivery, we also provide customs registration. That appreciably keeps both material means, and set of nervous cages of our Clients.
Mobility and efficiency

Having own offices and representations in 6ти the world countries, we can provide goods delivery in an every spot on the globe, and we will always support and we will consult the client at origin of matters of argument in territory of the countries where there are our offices. Specialists of company "Fialan" can operatively settle matters of argument which often arise with foreign partners of Clients.
The cooperation scheme

   1. Search of manufacturers and suppliers of the concrete goods and services, and also partners for production and business in the Peoples Republic of China;
   2. Check of reliability of partners;
   3. The help in negotiating, including services of professional translators;
   4. Delivery of product samples at a choice of the manufacturer/supplier;
   5. The analysis, including determination of risks, check and preparation of foreign trade activities-contracts;
   6. Realisation of foreign trade activities-transaction (contract) of the client as the receiver (importer) of the goods in Ukraine/RF, the exporter from Ukrainy/RF to China or as the trading agent;
   7. Complex documentary support of foreign trade activities-transactions:
          * exchange payments under contracts
          * foreign trade activities-transaction policy documentation (certificates, the conclusions, inquiries)
   8. The control of production of the goods;
   9. The control of loading of the goods;
  10. Check of conformity of the goods to export transport and customs documents;
  11. The international transportation;
  12. Customs registration of cargo on territories of Ukraine and the Russian Federation;
  13. Transfer of the goods to the client in territory of Ukrainy/RF under the agreement with a complete packet of necessary accompanying documents;
  14. Consulting at all stages of conducting foreign trade activities.

You can use both a complete complex, and separate types of service, depending on your requirements.




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