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Consolidation, warehousing and storage of cargoes

Consolidation of cargoes is the tool which allows to save means for delivery of cargoes. Frequently cargoes which are necessary for transporting small on the size and occupy the small space in the container. The consolidation essence consists in filling of one container as it is possible a considerable quantity of cargoes from different senders.

That the sender had not to freight the whole container, its cargo unite with others in the modular container during consolidation. Cost of the freight of the container is allocated on all cargoes proportionally. Thus, cost of delivery is optimised and accordingly the profit on sale of goods increases.

Consolidation is the universal tool applied in any kinds of transportation: by sea, авиа, automobile and by rail.

Situations when cargo should expect any time sending are possible. In that case, without having own warehouse, you should place cargoes on one of our warehouses. They provide all conditions for storage of cargoes. Work of warehouses includes a complex of services, such as cargo handling works, a marking of cargoes, packaging and repacking, accounting and documentary support. Using services of warehouses you save means for the organisation of own warehouse.

Our company not only consolidates, but also delivers cargoes all types of transport to China, the CIS countries and Europe, produces customs clearing and the control of shipment registration of all necessary documents.

We render a complete complex of services:

    * Search of suppliers and buyers
    * Delivery of cargoes
    * Business tourism
    * Services of the guide-translator in China, the Russian Federation and Ukraine
    * Investment projects
    * Media business support

For reception more close consultation concerning consolidation, to warehousing and storage of cargoes write to us or address in the nearest office of company "Fialan".