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Services of the guide-interpreter

Visit can cause abroad difficulties in understanding of language, local customs and rules, especially, if it is the first visit. Each country possesses the unique colour. That to the full will take pleasure in it and to understand that occurs to you the guide-translator will help

Professionally prepared guide – the translator not only will acquaint you with culture, but also becomes the assistant in business negotiations. To break a language barrier and to find common language with the business partner, to enter into the agreement and will impart experience.

For your partners which come from the countries of the former USSR of service of the guide of the translator will be irreplaceable. It will help to find faster common language, without problems to understand an essence of negotiations in the most thin details so operatively to make mutually advantageous the decision.

Our company works many years, helping businessmen from Europe and Asia to find common language faster. We will give the qualified guide of the translator as for your visitors from the countries of the former USSR, and we will help at your visit to Russia, Ukraine or Moldova.

We render a complete complex of services:

    * Search of suppliers and buyers
    * Delivery of cargoes
    * Business tourism
    * Services of the guide-translator in China, the Russian Federation and Ukraine
    * Investment projects
    * Media business support

For reception more close consultation concerning services of the guide-interpreter write to us or address in the nearest office of company "Fialan".