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Search for suppliers and buyers

Search of the buyer, the partner or the supplier foreign countries - a difficult task. Distinctions in language and culture and laws create additional barriers which lead to losses of time and means. To resolve numerous problems and to enter the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova the skilled organizer of foreign trade activities of activity, company "Fialan" will help.

For 7 years of work company "Fialan" has conducted thousand transactions on search of suppliers and buyers for the various goods. There are many methods of search of partners and buyers in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, company "Fialan" offers only the most optimum:

    * Marketing researches of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova
    * Correspondence visiting of exhibitions
    * Interactive visiting of exhibitions
    * Business rounds


«Choosing of a method of search of manufacturers»

  Self-cost Time taken
Probability to reach out manufacturers
Search via Internet low a lot 5%
Marketing research moderate little 96%
Correspondence and/or interactive visiting of exhibitions moderate little 75%
Business tour China (exhibitions, fairs, market, plants and factories) high little 100%