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Sightseeing and shopping tours

Visit to the country it is not necessary to limit only business by trips. Each country has the unique shape, having missed which you will not be able to learn possibilities of this country to the end. Will get acquainted with history of the country or a city in which you plan to arrive for business I will meet it is possible having organised excursion round. Our company will incur all questions connected with the organisation. You can pleasantly surprise the partner with knowledge of history, culture and customs of its native city or the country.

The countries of the former USSR In each country are the interesting goods and souvenirs which are favourable for acquiring here. Our company has long-term experience of the organisation shopping of rounds for businessmen and buyers who are able to save the means. After all purchasing in a shop tour can appear much more favourably even taking into account goods delivery.

To bring yourselves not only the excellent goods, but also a part culture of the country which you managed to visit, it is possible. Our company delivers all goods acquired by you from any city of Russia, Ukraine or Moldova. You need to enjoy shopping and acquaintance to the new country, and on the organisation of a trip and delivery of purchasings we will incur efforts.

We render a complete complex of services:

    * Search of suppliers and buyers
    * Delivery of cargoes
    * Business tourism
    * Services of the guide-translator in China, the Russian Federation and Ukraine
    * Investment projects
    * Media business support

For reception more close consultation concerning consolidation, to warehousing and storage of cargoes write to us or address in the nearest office of company "Fialan".