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Inland transportations

Transportations of cargoes between settlements of one state are called as internal. Our company provides internal transportations of cargoes on territory of China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries with transport any kinds.

Internal transportations provide delivery in any city of your country. In a case when in point of delivery there is no airport or railway station, cargo is delivered by motor transport directly to your warehouse. If the point of destination is equipped by a transport infrastructure cargo deliver by any method convenient for the receiver.

For delivery of cargoes from suppliers to receivers we perform internal transportations in China, Russia, Ukraine and in other CIS countries and Europe. Besides, our company gives the complete list of services in work with internal and international suppliers:

    * Search of suppliers and buyers
    * Delivery of cargoes
    * Business tourism
    * Services of the guide-translator in China, the Russian Federation and Ukraine
    * Investment projects
    * Media business support

For reception more close consultation on internal transportations write to us or address in the nearest office of company "Fialan".