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International transportation

The international transportations are the major economic activities of any state constituting foreign. For the international transportation the big distances which do not allow to apply only one type of transport are characteristic. To deliver cargo to the receiver are used sea, авиа, automobile and a railway transportation.

The most operative method is air delivery. She allows to deliver in mild terms cargo in any point of the world. For air transportation there are some restrictions: loose, liquid and explosive cargoes are prohibited to transportation; overall dimensions of cargoes cannot exceed 150 delivery see Also air it is the most expensive method of delivery and approaches not for any cargo. But in need of emergency delivery it does not have alternatives.

Sea transport the most accessible and checked up kind of international transportation. With its help it is possible to transport cargoes with any characteristics, both on dimensions, and on weight. The customer can freight the whole container (FCL), or its part (LCL) if cargo not big that allows to reduce expenses on delivery.

In international transportation it is actively used automobile and a railway transportation which differ mobility and high efficiency of delivery of various cargoes. Each type of transport has positive sides. Speed air deliveries, profitability sea and mobility of a car and a railway transportation uniting the best lines, create as much as possible effective, multimodal delivery.

Sharing of all types of transport name multimodal transportation - the combined delivery by various types of transport (sea, авиа, a car and railway). The Wide choice of methods of transportation allow to choose the most optimum method of delivery, both on costs, and on time.

Our company provides a complete spectrum of the services, necessary cargoes at the international transportation:

    * Search of suppliers and buyers
    * Delivery of cargoes
    * Business tourism
    * Services of the guide-translator in China, the Russian Federation and Ukraine
    * Investment projects
    * Media business support

For reception more close consultation on international transportation write to us or address in the nearest office of company "Fialan".